• Complaint outlines how Ayvani Perez was kidnapped


    ATLANTA - New details are emerging over the kidnapping of a Clayton County teen who was returned safely on Wednesday.

    Agents said 14-year-old Ayvani Perez told them three or four men held her for 36 hours, and covered their faces.

    The complaint outlines how federal investigators believe Wildrego Jackson is connected to this kidnapping.

    It also describes in detail the moments inside the home Tuesday morning as two men took the 14-year-old at gunpoint.

    According to the affidavit, two unidentified men broke into Perez's home and found the teen hiding in a closet along with her mother, brother and the family dog.

    Agents said the men "demanded money and jewelry" after kicking in the closet door and shooting the dog.

    When Perez's mother, Maria Corral, didn't meet those demands, one of the men grabbed Perez "and forced her down the stairs at gunpoint."

    Witnesses, including a law enforcement officer who lives in the neighborhood, reported seeing a Dodge Challenger speeding away.

    Investigators said Perez's family got several calls from someone telling them the teen "was unharmed and demanded money and drugs" to release her.

    Through interviews, agents linked the number that called the family and a second number to Jackson.

    Jackson's girlfriend told agents she rented a Dodge Challenger for him just last week.

    After the suspects dropped off Perez safely at her aunt's home in Conyers Wednesday, investigators said Jackson showed up for a previously scheduled court date in Fulton County.

    They said he had the cellphone linked to the crime on him at the time and admitted to using the gray Dodge Challenger over the past few days.

    Currently, that Dodge Challenger is located at the FBI Field Office in Atlanta where agents have written permission to search it.

    Jackson, faced a judge in federal court Thursday.

    A former friend said told Channel 2's Richard Elliot that Jackson goes by the street name "Dreeco" and according to Atlanta police, he's got a rap sheet stretching back more than 10 years.

    Elliot spent most of the day Thursday going over the extensive arrest record for Jackson, 89 pages in all, for charges of everything from assault, child cruelty and many drug arrests.

    Federal agents and local police arrested Jackson Wednesday in connection with the kidnapping of Ayvani but they said he's not one of the two men who broke into her home and abducted her.

    Elliot tracked Jackson down to this southwest Atlanta apartment. He knocked, but no one answered.

    The apartment complex confirmed Jackson lived here, but that's all they were allowed to say.

    Elliot showed Jackson's mug shot to neighbors, and a lot of them recognized him, but all of them declined to talk on camera.

    Federal agents also arrested Juan Rodriguez. He's not charged in the kidnapping, but is on an immigration hold.

    Channel 2 Action News obtained records from his drug trafficking arrest at a Henry County house last year, the same house where Ayvani 's mother, Maria Corral, was arrested, too.

    Police said they searched the house without a warrant after they feared for their safety and that someone inside would destroy evidence.

    They said they found bundles of marijuana inside, but a judge tossed out all that evidence because there was "no evidence suggested anyone was destroying evidence" and there was "no unusual noise that would lead the officers to believe they were in more danger than they usually face."

    Elliot learned agents still deported Rodriguez after all that.

    Channel 2's Mark Winne spoke to the attorney who represented Corral after she was charged in the drug bust.

    Thomas Florio said Corral is a hardworking mother.

    "To know Ms. Corral is to know what a good person she is, what a good mother she is and how well she provides for those that she cares for and loves," Florio told Winne.

    Florio said Corral got caught up in the drug case because she gave an acquaintance a ride about the same time police hit the house holding the drugs.

    The acquaintance, he said, is the man who has now surfaced in coverage of the kidnapping as Juan Alberto Contreras-Rodriguez.

    "Everyone agreed that based upon the facts and the facts alone, there was not a stitch of evidence that Ms. Corral did anything wrong," Florio said. "This case was dismissed in February of last year."

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