• Man says code enforcement mistakenly broke down his door


    ATLANTA - An Atlanta man said police and code enforcement burst through his door at 4 a.m. with guns drawn thinking he was squatting in his own home.

    Abraham Malobe said he bought his house in July 2011. He said he had been fixing up the home for his family when the door was broken off its hinges by police officers.

    “I’m scared to death, thinking, ‘Why are they raiding my house?’” Malobe said.

    Malobe said Atlanta code enforcement and police donned all black when they burst through the door of his southwest Atlanta home in August 2011.

    “While the door was falling, they pushed me down to the floor,” Malobe said.

    Malobe said his three children were present when guns were drawn. He said officers accused him of squatting in an abandoned house.

    “I said, ‘No, me and my wife, we just purchased this home on July 7,’” Malobe said.

    Malobe said he showed the officers the deed to the home, an inspection notice and his permits for remodeling. He said that’s when one of the officers realized out loud they may have made a mistake.

    “They said, ‘Oh, he’s telling the truth, the documents look legit,’” Malobe said.

    Malobe’s attorney, Jennifer Knight, said no one wanted to take responsibility for what happened.

    In January, the Atlanta City Council put the police department in charge of code enforcement. Major C.J. Davis is now in charge of the unit.

    Malobe said he just hopes no one else goes through what his family did, so he is fighting the fine he was issued by code enforcement. The case is being heard by a municipal judge in Atlanta and closing arguments are set for Friday.

    Knight said she believes there are other people out there like Malobe, and she plans to eventually file a class action lawsuit.


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