Local boxer killed, mother wants justice

Local boxer killed, mother wants justice

ATLANTA — A lightweight Atlanta boxer was shot and killed while returning home from a convenience store in northwest Atlanta.

Michael Robinson, 30, died from a single gunshot wound to the stomach on Harwell Road Jan. 23. His assailant stole his belongings, including a backpack.

Robinson's nickname in the ring was "Speedy Ray." His mother said her son won two amateur Golden Glove boxing championships.

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"They didn't know who this person was," his mother, Kathy Turly, said.

Truly told Channel 2's Tom Regan that her son dreamed of a  boxing championship and was dedicated to helping others and to his faith.

"He read his Bible every day, took his Bible to boxing matches and prayed with everyone before he went to box." Turly said.

She said he also mentored children and taught them to be strong in their convictions and lead productive lives.

"He was dedicated to keeping the kids off the streets, so he wanted to show the kids how to box to keep them off the streets," Turly said. "He sponsors a young girl in Africa. He was trying to get everyone on board sponsoring young children."

Police released security camera video showing several young men outside a convenience store and an apartment building.

Investigators are asking for the public's help in identifying people of interest.

A local boxing foundation is working to set up a reward to drum up leads in the police investigation. The victim's mother had a message for those behind her son's shooting death.

"Maybe it was a mistake," she said. "You just wanted to rob him, but truly, you need to come forward to get justice for my son, to make peace."