• Librarian says she was fired after reporting her son was being bullied


    MERIWETHER COUNTY, Ga. - A librarian says she was fired for trying to prevent school bullying.

    “I was upset. I cried for a good 10 minutes," Jessica Braswell told Channel 2's Justin Wilfon.

    A gut-wrenching week for Braswell began on Monday, when she says a student bullied her son at school.

    “He said, 'He threatened to shoot me with a gun again.' And I was like, 'Again?,'” she said.

    Braswell tells me the boys are both second-graders at Unity Elementary School.

    “I was angry. I was very angry," she said.

    Braswell said she felt comfortable taking her concerns about the bullying to school officials. But she was not happy with their response.

    "Basically you’re saying nothing is going to be done about it and he was like that’s not what I’m saying.  And I said that is what you’re saying," she said.

    Just a few hours later, Braswell received a phone call to let her know she was fired.

    “I feel I was fired for trying to stand up and protect my child. I did what any other parent would have done," she said.


    Wilfon called the Meriwether County Superintendent. He said the school is investigating the alleged bullying. But he wouldn’t comment on the firing because Braswell is employed by the school's private contractor.

    In an email, the contractor’s corporate spokesperson said she wouldn’t comment pending the outcome of their own investigation into what happened.

    As for Braswell, she won several awards for her work as a librarian. Now, she plans on finding a new school, for herself and her son.

    “He begs me every day not to take him because he doesn’t feel safe.”

    The woman admits she did use one curse word in one of those meetings but said that would not be a good enough reason to fire her. 

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