Independent pharmacies are trying to keep up with demand for COVID-19 vaccine

Local pharmacies also dealing with high demand of COVID-19 vaccine

WOODSTOCK, Ga. — It’s not only the large, government run vaccination sites that are important in the drive to get coronavirus vaccines out to those in need.

Equally if not more important are the community pharmacies, often owned by local residents, trying to make sure their customers are getting vaccinated as soon as they possibly can.

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Channel 2′s Tom Regan spoke with both the pharmacist and customers at the Woodstock Pharmacy in Cherokee County where they’ve had vaccinations booked solid for the past few weeks.

Regan spoke to Pharmacist Jeff Smith who says he’s been working extra hours every day to get shots into people’s arms. That included giving vaccines on Christmas.

“What a Christmas present? Absolutely, absolutely,” said Smith.

Smith’s pharmacy is one of a dozen that are part of a local pharmacy chain. He says they’ve collectively given out 10,000 doses in their stores and in area senior living communities.

“We’ve had 500 to 1000 emails so far in the last three weeks. It’s just a matter of keeping the list going and getting every person in that we can,” said Smith.

Woodstock Pharmacy is giving out the Moderna vaccine, each vile has ten doses. The pharmacists don’t want to waste a single drop. They say if someone cancels or fails to show up, they’ll call in someone else on their list to make sure none of the vaccine goes unused.

“Everyone wants a shot, and is willing to come in,” said Smith.


Regan spoke to Bob and Carla Murdough about their experience getting the vaccine. Carla says she’s not concerned about the possible side effects.

“How did it feel? Perfect, I didn’t feel anything,” said Carla Murdough.

Bob and Carla say they’ve been looking forward to getting the vaccine for weeks. They said it feels like winning the lottery.

“This gives you a lot of peace of mind. It surely does. I’m looking forward to the second shot in three weeks, says Bob Murdough.

The pharmacy says they strictly follow all Health Department guidelines in regarding who gets the vaccine. They say right now, appointments are booked into February.

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