COVID-19 Vaccine in Georgia

Nine Mass Vaccination Sites in Georgia

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Vaccine Distribution Phases. Phase 1: Limited vaccine availability Phase 1A: Healthcare workers including nurses, physicians, EMS, laboratory technicians, environment services Residents and staff in long-term care facilities Adults 65+ and their caregivers Law enforcement, fire personnel (including volunteer fire departments), dispatchers and 911 operators Phase 1B: Essential workers (non-healthcare) who perform job tasks across critical infrastructure sectors, ensuring continuity of functions critical to public health, safety, economic and national security Phase 1C: Persons aged 16-64 with medical conditions that increase the risk for severe COVID-19 Phase 2: Increased vaccine availability Nonclinical public health, hospital and long-term care facility workers and their family members Individuals in homeless shelters Individuals in congregate settings (dorms, group homes) Staff and individuals in jails, prisons, detention centers Adults aged 31-64 Phase 3: Vaccine widely available The general population and children, once the vaccine is approved for pediatric use
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