Hunter makes massive score: Record-breaking alligator in Georgia

QUITMAN COUNTY, Ga. — A metro area man has just set a new Georgia state record for bagging the biggest alligator.

Derrick Snelson knew he had a whopper on the line. But it wasn't until he got it to this boat that he realized it was 14-feet long.

Snelson said hunting and fishing is almost as important as “God and country.”

“It was just unbelievable. I really can't describe it. You need to see it,” Snelson said.

His latest catch was a record.


John Trammel was the deck hand for last week's hunt on Lake Eufala in Quitman County. It took a crew of five more than five hours to bring the 700-pound reptile in.

Snelson still can't believe it's Georgia’s biggest.

“We'll have it 'life-size' mounted,” Snelson said. “I guess I'll have to build a house around it. It's going to be a monster laying on the living room floor for a while!"

There is an alligator hunting season in Georgia, running from mid-August through early October.

Hunters have to get a special permit and the bag limit is one. Snelson figures he landed the one.