• Horrific crash leaves 2 people dead, 2 others injured

    By: Wendy Halloran


    VILLA RICA - A community is mourning the deaths of two people after a horrific crash just weeks before Christmas. 

    Georgia State Patrol told Channel 2 Action News that a Chevy pickup truck with four people inside was driving at a high rate of speed on Rockmart Road in Villa Rica early Tuesday morning. When the driver tried to make a curve, the truck overturned and hit two utility poles and a sign, authorities said.

    The 23-year-old driver and a 30-year-old passenger were killed in the crash. Two others were seriously injured.

    Neighbor Mason Pope heard a big boom early Tuesday morning. 

    “It was around one o’clock in the morning,” Pope said. “I was in my bedroom, I heard a big boom which I assumed was the truck hitting the first power pole and then you could hear skid marks all the way down the road.”

    His fears were soon realized.

    “I believe he tried to overcorrect, and you can see the tire marks here where he got very close to the vehicles and the house,” Pope said.


    The crash happened about 10 feet from his house. 

    “It sounded like a young man in his mid 20’s yelling at whoever was in the truck with him, you could really hear how afraid he was,” Pope said.

    Pope said he and his family were in a no-win situation.

    “It was a really scary situation,” Pope said. “We didn’t want to go out there because we were afraid of the power lines, but we also knew people were in trouble.”

    Pope said they felt helpless. 

    “We actually saw him drop to his knees right outside the passenger door,” Pope said.

    The crash is still under investigation, and the identities of the men who were killed have not yet been released.

    Pope and his family feel horrible that they couldn’t do more to help.

    “It’s a really scary thought (that) it that was so close to home. I just pray for those families and those people. It’s so hard to deal with a loss so close to Christmas,” Pope said.

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