• Hood objects to picture of dead officer's family


    ATHENS, Ga. - Jamie Hood, the man accused of killing an Athens police officer, objected to the introduction of photos of the officer's family into evidence in court Thursday. 

    Hood is representing himself in his own trial, and is working to convince a jury he was justified in killing Officer Buddy Christian and wounding Officer Tony Howard.

    In court, a GBI agent showed pictures of both patrol cars and the bullets found inside them. 

    The agent also testified to seeing photos of Christian's family on the laptop inside the patrol car.

    Hood objected to the agent showing those pictures in court. He says the prosecution only introduced the pictures to get the jury mad at him.

    "We are not here for Christian looking at no screen savers," Hood said. "We are here for why Jamie Hood shot the gun, and so what this is, they doing this to interject prejudice to the jury. Let's convict him on passion. They don't want to convict him on facts."

    An investigator also took the stand and displayed the ballistic vests worn by Howard. 

    Police say Hood fired two shots into the squad car of Howard.

    GBI Agent Jeff Roesler also showed the jury the traffic ticket book the first bullet struck.

    Roesler said the second bullet fired at Howard went underneath his vest, then came out the other side.

    Roesler testified the bullet fired at Christian went under his vest too, but that bullet killed him.

    The GBI also showed the jury 3D images of the shooting scene just hours after Christian and Howard were shot by Hood.

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