• Homeless man shot 3 times, released by hospital in hours

    By: Tom Jones


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - A homeless man says a gunman shot him and his friend after attempting to rob them in broad daylight.

    The victim says a local hospital discharged him within a few hours, saying his injuries weren't that severe.

    Chun Park, 57, says a few hours after a gunman put a bullet in his head, the base of his neck and his back, Atlanta Medical Center staff suddenly discharged him. 

    "You be gone, they say. You be gone. You have no injury,” Park explained to Channel 2’s Tom Jones in broken English.

    Park says he thought he was going to die and was in a lot of pain at the time.

    Park says he and his 43-year-old friend Roger Coley, who was also shot, are homeless. He said they were in their camp near Forest Parkway and I-75 Monday afternoon when a man approached asking for money, food and a place to stay.

    “When the homeless men clearly said we don't have any money, that's when the suspect started shooting at them," said JaQuitta Williams, spokeswoman for the Clayton County Police Department.

    A homeless man who panhandles near the scene says he heard Park screaming, "I've been shot. I've been shot.”

    Police say Park was only grazed by the bullets. Coley was hit in the head and is in intensive care.

    An Atlanta Medical Center spokeswoman couldn't discuss Park's case, but said patients with gunshot wounds are evaluated and given appropriate treatment based on the severity of their injury.

    Park says his was very serious.

    Hospital spokeswoman Nicole Gustin says after discharge the hospital encourages patients to follow up with their physician or the hospital provides a care referral to a local clinic.

    The brush with death is something Park says he won't forget.

    "Scary. Oh God," he said.

    Park is no longer staying at the camp because he's concerned about his safety.

    Police are looking for a black man who is about 6 feet tall. Park said he appeared to be in his early 20s. He was wearing a blue shirt with dark jeans. He has a low cut haircut and a small earring in his right ear.

    Contact Clayton County police if you have any information.

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