• High school banner prank called racially offensive

    By: Tom Regan


    FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. - Several students at South Forsyth High School face disciplinary action for unfurling a large banner from the gym roof that included the slang version of the N-word in a phrase celebrating graduation.

    "I was very offended when I was called around 9 a.m.," Principal Jeff Cheney said.

    Cheney told Channel 2's Tom Regan the students planned the Wednesday morning’s prank in advance.

    "Some students actually staged that the night prior, and had an apparatus rigged to unveil it at 9 a.m.," Cheney said.

    The principal said the banner was taken down by faculty members in a few minutes. The phrase was taken from a popular song by rapper and entertainer Drake.

    Some students said they didn't believe the banner was aimed at being offensive, but rather getting the attention of the famous rapper.

    "That's what they wanted. They wanted it to be hyped and get on social media," said sophomore student Elijah Smith.

    There were two other senior pranks at the school. Students turned a school hallway into a slip and slide using a plastic sheet and soap.

    Other students moved the principal’s car to the front of the campus and put "for sale" sign on it.

    The principal said some pranks are good-natured, but others are not, and simply unacceptable.

    "There's many things I can live with, but the banner was what most offended me and our school. Even though it's a popular song lyric that you appreciate and like, doesn't mean the whole world and our society in general are going to appreciate that,” Cheney said.

    The principal said staff would review security camera video to try to identify students involved in the banner prank and will take appropriate disciplinary action.

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