Henry County

3 injured, 4 detained after shots ring out before possible road rage crash, police say

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — Neighbors say chaos unfolded Tuesday afternoon in Henry County after two cars crashed head-on and gunshots rang out.

Four people were detained and three were hospitalized following what police called a road-rage collision and possible attempted shooting in Stockbridge

Channel 2's Michael Seiden is at the scene on the 100 block of Club Circle where the crash happened around 3:45 p.m, police said.

NewsChopper 2 was also over the scene Tuesday evening, when both cars had heavy front-end damage and were taken away on tow trucks.

Police were still trying to sort out what happened Tuesday night. Seiden spoke with a police captain who said officers are questioning seven people.

Police have not confirmed if anyone was shot but did say shell casings were found near the scene.

"We had a shots-fired call just around the corner. We believe they were somewhat related," a spokesperson for Henry County police said.


Seiden spoke to neighbors who witnessed the incident unfold. Myya Wilson was still shaken up as she described what happened in front of her and her husband's home Tuesday while  they worked in their yard.

“I’m over here with my dog and I’m doing some edging, and my husband was doing his seeding and we heard gunshots in the distance," Wilson said. "He said, ‘Did you hear that?’"

Wilson said then they heard another loud noise, this time a violent collision involving two vehicles.

"My husband said, 'Run in the house,'" Wilson said.

Wilson said she watched from her kitchen as three young men ran from the scene and through her yard.

“Then they went to a neighbor's house down there and was trying to open her door, screaming, 'Let us in! Let us in!’" Wilson said.

Wilson said she called police, and when they got there, they found more than a dozen shell casings and detained multiple suspects.

Right now, police believe the shooting and the crash are connected, but the exact motive is still under investigation.

"We don't really know if it was drug-related," police told Seiden.

It's unclear what charges the four people who have been detained may face.