Henry County

Grandparents thankful family survived close call after tree limb crashed into 12-year-old’s room

HENRY COUNTY, Ga. — A Henry County family is thankful that everyone is safe after a tree came crashing down on their home and into their 12-year-old grandson’s room.

At first, Tracy Evans and her husband Tim had no idea what it was that woke up them up around 2 a.m. Monday.

“It was like a vibration. Kind of like an earthquake is what I should say,” Tracy Evans told Channel 2′s Tom Jones.

The massive tree in their yard fell on the home off North Bethany Road and several limbs pierced the roof.

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One of them landed in their 12-year-old grandson’s room and got stuck in the mattress where he would normally sleep.

The Evans said he was in another room because he had an allergic reaction the night before.

“He slept with his mom. So just God working it out. That’s all it was,” Evans said.

“That limb would have went right straight through him. He wouldn’t have had a chance or a prayer,” Tim Evans said.


Workers with the Green Group Landscaping company came out to help the family. The tree was so large and had many branches, but fortunately some of the limbs broke the tree’s fall.

“If that branch wouldn’t have been there, it would have split that house in half,” said Bo Coppedge.

The Evans family has been trying to get trees removed for quite some time, but they couldn’t get the insurance or afford to remove them.

“It would have taken everything we had to even get one of them cut down,” Tim Evans said.

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Tracy Evans believes falling trees are so dangerous and the state should look into a program to help people like her.

“There should be some type of financial assistance for people who can’t. I mean that’s a danger. It’s putting your life in danger,” she said.

It’s why the family is keeping their eyes on the rest of the trees in their yard.

“You see that ones leaning already toward the house,” Tim Evans said.

The Evans said it was raining and the winds were really intense. They believe those factors along with the ground being saturated played a role in the tree coming down.