Hall County

Mug shots released of teens accused of gunning down Hall County deputy

HALL COUNTY, Ga. — We're getting our first look at the group of teens accused in the shooting death of a Hall County deputy.

On Tuesday, the Hall County Sheriff's Office released the booking photos for Hector Garcia-Solis, Brayan Omar Cruz, London Clements and Eric Edgardo Velazquez, as three of the four teens appeared in front of a judge for the first time.

All four are facing murder charges after Deputy Nicolas Dixon, 28, was killed in the line of duty Sunday night.

Dixon was attempting to stop a stolen car in the area of Jesse Jewell Parkway and Highland Avenue when he was shot, officials said.

Cruz, Clements and Velazquez all had their first court appearance Tuesday afternoon in front of Hall County Magistrate Judge Elizabeth Reisman.

“You do have a Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and anything you do say can be used against you later,” Reisman told all the teens.


During the hearing, Clements asked the judge for a plea. He said he doesn’t want a trial and he needs a court-appointed attorney.

Velazquez asked for a trial in Superior Court. He told the judge he also needs an attorney
Cruz told the judge that he wants a trial and a lawyer.

“The warrant states that you did aid in the commission of a felony to an aggravated assault on a police officer by causing his death,” Reisman said.

Garcia-Solis remains in the hospital after having been shot by deputies. Investigators say Garcia-Solis killed Dixon.

Garcia-Solis is expected to recover from his injuries. Officials will schedule his first appearance in front of a judge once he is fully recovered.

The suspects who asked for a trial will have a hearing on Aug. 16.

On Tuesday afternoon, officials parked Dixon's patrol car in front of the Sheriff's Office. The cruiser has been draped with a wreath and blue ribbons to honor the fallen deputy.