In person classes are returning next month at a major metro school system

Hall County Schools says it will be ready for in-person classes for back to school

HALL COUNTY — Hall County School District decided to have in person learning next month. The superintendent agrees with the CDC that it is best for children to return to the classroom. The district has safety measures in place, but they are prepared to make changes if a teacher or student test positive for COVID-19.

Hall County expects about 75% of the students to return to class but before they enter the building, they will be screen for COVID-19 symptoms and have a temperature check. Each student must wear a mask and stay out of the middle of the hallway.

‘We want the students to walk on the right side of the hall, just like you’re driving a car,” Jason Carter, principal of Flowery Branch High School said. “What we try to do is have the desks spread on as far as we can, the greatest extend possible, we’re also trying to make sure the students’ desk are at least six feet or more from the teacher.”

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Each school will have directional markers on the floors and plenty of hand sanitizer station. Although every student and teacher must wear a mask in the classroom, there are some exceptions.

“Obviously if a child is an asthmatic, or a teacher is claustrophobic, we will make allowances,” said Will Schofield, Hall County Superintendent.

The lunch will be grab and go because they want the students to spread out and practice social distancing as much as possible, according to the superintendent.


Hall County School district will have isolation rooms for anyone with a fever but if someone test positive for COVID-19, it will be handled according to the grade level. It is more complicated if the person is in high school.

“Certainly, we’re sending that third-grade classroom home and do some contract tracing,” Schofield said.

If someone from the high test positive for COVID-19, the school will likely be closed for sanitizing and contact tracing, according to the superintendent.

Hall County is prepared to start school next month and if the measures they have in place does not work, the district is prepared to make the necessary changes.

“We can seamlessly go from in person to remote learning whether it’s 24, 48 hour or ten days,” Schofield said.

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