Georgia school district begins 1st day of school today, with mostly in-person learning

JACKSON COUNTY, Ga. — It’s back to school for students in Jefferson, Georgia today.

More than 1,500 students and 100-plus faculty and staff are returning, and most will be back in the classroom.

While we don’t have the exact first day attendance numbers, the district says 95 percent of students are back in the schools doing face-to-face learning.

The district has safety protocols in place and wearing a mask is not mandatory. However, they are strongly encouraging students to wear masks.

One couple with two kids in the system expressed their concerns.

"My biggest concern is he catches something and then brings it back to my wife," Zack Davies said.

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But others told us they’re confident in the precautions the district is taking.

“Our administration has done an excellent job getting us prepared and ready to go back to school. I have full confidence that they have put all the right protocols, and things to take care of our students and staff,” said parent Andrea Hendrix.

If there’s a case where a student has the symptoms of COVID-19, the school nurse will isolate the student and send them home.

For a student who comes in close contact with someone suspected of having the virus, they will have to stay home at least 14 days.

The superintendent sent parents all the safety precautions that are in place, including keeping the schools sanitized to prevent an outbreak.

“Although there are some parents who are concerned, there are many who are excited about their students returning to school,” Superintendent Donna McMullan said.

Raye Lynn Fuller jumped at that chance and plans to keep her kids learning virtually.

"I'm a nurse, and I work with the elderly," she said. "So I contacted them and said my child is not the one with special circumstances, but I am."

About 5 percent of students have chosen virtual learning, the superintendent said.

At the elementary schools they staggered start times today, at the high school they’re adjusting transitions between classes and added a lunch period so students can have more room to spread out.