Student writes 'failed to rise up' as reason for being late

NORCROSS, Ga. — It was a rough morning for Falcons fans across metro Atlanta.

The Falcons made history Sunday night in Super Bowl LI, but not in the way we had all hoped. The team blew a 25-point lead over the New England Patriots. It was the worst collapse ever seen in a Super Bowl.

Many of us struggled to get out of bed and make it to work on time Monday morning, and it was no different for many students.

At Greater Atlanta Christian School in Gwinnett County, several students admitted their reason for being late had to do with the Super Bowl. But one student’s reason takes the cake.

Under “Reason” on the tardy list, the student wrote, “Failed to Rise Up.” (You’re not alone, kid)

The school posted the list on their Facebook page, saying “This might be our favorite tardy excuse…ever.”

So for everyone who spent time trying to come up with clever excuses for being late, turns out honesty really is the best policy.