Mother wants ‘a big plate of justice served’ after daughter’s skull found in the woods

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — The family of a woman whose skull was found dumped in the woods in Gwinnett County believes others can help them find answers.

The skull would later be connected to a missing South Carolina woman, Brittany Davis, 32. Her fiancé is charged, but her family wants more answers.

“She was just free-hearted, free-spirited and just loved to live life,” is how Melanie Holliman remembered her daughter.

Davis’ skull was found in the woods off Hamilton Mill Road in north Gwinnett County last April.

She disappeared more than a year earlier in February 2020 from her home in Greenville, South Carolina.

“I have an encyclopedia of unanswered questions,” Melanie Holliman said.


South Carolina police believe Davis was killed around February 12, 2020, but for weeks, her mother continued to receive texts and missed calls from her cellphone.

Investigators and the family now believe those were from Davis’ fiancé, Michael Wilkerson. He’s now charged with her murder, picked up in Gwinnett County after he recently moved here, just miles from where her skull was found.

“How do you turn around and do something this hideous to a person that you are supposed to love, then just move on like it’s nothing?” said Eva Holliman, Davis’ grandmother.

The Hollimans said when they first saw this sketch of what police believed the person looked like from the Gwinnett woods, they called authorities here, but were told the woman found was another race, and it couldn’t be David.

DNA tests later proved the family right.

“I want a big plate of justice served,” Melanie Holliman said.

The grieving mother told Channel 2′s Tony Thomas that she firmly believes there are others here in Georgia who may know details.

“I still haven’t accepted it but I’m doing the best I can,” Melanie Holliman said.

Wilkerson was extradited to South Carolina and is being held without bond. Police say he was living in Lawrenceville at the time of his arrest.