Police warn of dangerous game where people ride on backs of semitrucks down interstate

ATLANTA — The Atlanta Police Department is putting out a warning over a new game that has taken off across several social media platforms.

APD said they have been made aware of several cases where people are being recorded riding on the backs of moving semitrucks on the Atlanta interstates.

“We realize this may come as a surprise to some but riding on the outside of a semi-truck that is going 65 to 75 mph, or any moving vehicle on I-285, I-75 or any other road, at any speed, is a death wish of sorts,” the department said in a post on its Facebook page. “These acts put not only the ‘stow away’ clinging to the massive truck at risk, but the drivers behind and next to the violated truck, are also in danger.”


They are asking anyone that may see this going on, to call 911 immediately.

“There is nothing humorous about jeopardizing the safety of drivers or persons,” the department said. “We take these incidents serious, and we want to send a strong message to those that continue to put Atlanta on the map or on the ‘Gram’ for things that don’t serve our greater good, make us better, or uplift our city.”