Gwinnett County

Business owner opens fire on 4 attempted burglars, shooting 1

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Police say a business owner opened fire on four attempted burglars who tried to smash their way into his store. One ended up with four bullet wounds.

Channel 2's Tony Thomas talked to the owner of a Norcross cellphone and electronics store, CMD Services, who said four men broke in to his business Wednesday night.

They didn't realize the owner was asleep inside -- with a gun.

The store owner, who didn't want to be identified, told Thomas he woke up to find people walking around his store, grabbing phones and computers. He grabbed his gun, afraid they might shoot at him.

"I woke up, I grabbed my pistol and I see people moving around," he told Thomas. "I put a bullet in the chamber of my pistol and I screamed, 'Nobody move!'"


The owner says everyone ran.

Police arrived in minutes and found Jaquese Mattox, 20, lying on the ground with four bullet wounds.

"I'm not exactly sure how many times I shot him, but he kept on trying to get up," the store owner said.

The store owner says he only shot at the suspects because he was defending himself.

"They could have killed me while I was sleeping. I was pushed into a corner," he said. "It's not something I wanted to do, but I did it instinctively because I have a family."

Mattox, who is a college student, appeared in a Gwinnett County courtroom in a wheelchair Thursday.

Police hoped he would give up the names of the other three people who were with him, but so far detectives say they only have vague descriptions from surveillance cameras.

Mattox asked for bond so he could get treatment outside of jail.

"He doesn't appreciate the care he is getting. He thinks it's very minimal," his lawyer, Anthony Pete, told the judge.

The prosecutor told the judge that Mattox may have been involved in at least 20 more burglaries. Police wouldn't comment on those other cases or how widespread they are.

Mattox was denied his request to be treated outside the jail.

The store owner said he hated to have to pull a gun but he's just glad to be alive.

"I regret having to use the weapon," he said. "Ether instincts kick in or you become a victim. I refuse to become a victim."

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