Man found dead in small creek in Gwinnett County

The medical examiner is working to determine if the incident was a medical, an accident or a crime.??

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Police are investigating after a man was found dead in a creek in Gwinnett County.

According to Gwinnett County police, a man walking across a bridge on Indian Trail Lilburn Road discovered the victim Tuesday morning.

Channel 2's Steve Gehlbach learned the man was found face down in about two feet of water.

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The medical examiner is working to determine if the situation was a medical, an accident or a crime.

"Everyday people walk along that bridge, on the edge, every single day," a woman told Gehlbach.

Gehlbach spoke with the man who found the victim. He didn't want to share his name but said he saw the victim face down in the creek around 6 a.m. The creek is right by a McDonald's, QT gas station and an extended stay hotel.

"I've seen people fall in there before, drinking. They're drunk, walk and fall up in there," the man told Gehlbach.

Gwinnett police called in homicide detectives as well as the fire department's water rescue team. They collected evidence from around the body, including a wallet.

Police told Gelhbach there weren't any obvious stab or gunshot wounds to make them think the man was murdered.

The victim has not been identified.