Gwinnett County

Cheerleader whose team didn’t show up because of snow gets a little help

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — There is nothing like kids with big hearts to remind us there is still good in the world.

On Saturday, North Gwinnett High School held a middle school basketball tournament in the middle of a very snowy morning.

Because of the weather, Hull Middle School only had one cheerleader make it to the game -- but she still wanted to cheer on her team.

As she performed her routine alone on the sidelines, she got a little help.

The Coleman Middle School Cats cheer squad was sitting nearby on the bleachers in between their own games and decided to pitch in their support.

They were told by game officials that they were not allowed to cheer for other teams, but that wasn’t enough to deter the girls.

For the entire game, the girls cheered with her from the bleachers with the blessing of their coach.

Cheer mom Niya Jones, whose daughter Micaiah Jones is part of the Cats squad, shared the story with Channel 2 Action News.

Jones said one basketball player from Coleman, Chaz Echerer, also performed with the squad.

“The level of sportsmanship displayed was enormous but more importantly, the level of kindness and genuine support these student provided will never be forgotten and should be shared and celebrated,” Jones said.