• Green lights taken down at Ga. 400 toll, confuses drivers

    By: Craig Lucie


    ATLANTA - Are you paying or not? That is the question on a lot of Peach Pass customer's minds at the Georgia 400 toll plaza.

    The reason? The little green light on either side of the toll plaza that blinks and lets people know they're good to go is now gone.

    "It's confusing to people," one driver told Channel 2's Craig Lucie.

    "There were no lights up there so it's like, 'Well can anybody come through at this point?'" another driver said.

    The answer to that question is, no. You are still being charged.

    "Because we shifted the lanes last Friday, we had to pull those lights out. The readers are working and your Peach Pass is being deducted just like normal, but that little safety net, the green light, is not there anymore," explained Bert Brantley who is the executive director of the State Road and Tollway Authority.

    As Lucie found out by talking to a dozen drivers, they liked that safety net.

    "That's the only way you know they've deducted from your account when you see that light. If you don't, you don't know if they are charging you," said Peach Pass customer Heather King.

    Those questions have led to a lot of phone calls to the State Road and Tollway Authority's main call center.

    "We are still getting those calls saying, 'Hey where's that light? Is my account still being read?' So we want to assure people that the readers are still working. Everything is performing as normal," Brantley said.

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