Georgia sets up new voting system for 2020

ATLANTA — The state of Georgia is setting up a brand-new voting system for 2020, and now some are questioning whether something like what happened in Iowa, could happen here.

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Channel 2 investigative reporter Justin Gray brought that question to the secretary of state.

Gray went behind the scenes of the Cobb County warehouse, where crews are working 12 hours a day, racing against the clock to test and ship 33,000 new voting machines.

"This is the fastest and the largest implementation that’s ever been done in America," said Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

We caught up with Atlanta Journal Constitution political reporter Greg Bluestein from the airport in Iowa. “Oh my gosh: disorder, disarray, disfunction; those are all understatements for what happened,” Bluestein said.

Raffensperger vows that despite the size and scale of this job, you won’t see a repeat of the chaos in Iowa as Georgia replaces every voting machine at every polling place in the state’s 159 counties.

“We’ve actually had live elections. Great way to learn and also really hone down our processes. We’ve had live elections; they went into that blind,” Raffensperger said.

The new machines are more secure than Georgia’s old voting machines because they generate paper ballots.

“Right now, 82 percent of all voters in Georgia have machines out there in their counties, and we’ll be done by February 14, 100 percent,” Raffensperger said.