GA man shoots himself in the foot trying to get rid of copperhead snake

MONROE COUNTY, Ga. — There are likely better ways to get rid of a copperhead snake than shooting at it, especially when you shoot yourself in the process.

Deputies were called to Monroe County Hospital late Sunday night after Timothy Taylor came in with a gunshot wound, the Monroe County Reporter said.

Taylor told the deputies that he shot a copperhead snake which ended up under his house. He said that he loaded the gun and put it on the ground. As he was trying to back out from under the house after getting the dead snake, Taylor said he hit the gun with his foot, setting it off.


Taylor ended up with a round in his foot. His girlfriend took him to the hospital, the newspaper reported.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources says if you see any kind of venomous snake, to just give it space.

“To keep yourself safe and allow our native wildlife to thrive, give all snakes the space they require and the ability to escape on their own,” said Daniel Sollenberger, state herpetologist for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.


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