• Video shows alleged thief stealing donation jar meant for local humane society

    By: Kristen Holloway


    FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. - Workers at a local thrift store are angry someone took donations meant to help animals at a humane society.

    Surveillance video captured a man stealing a jar of donations from the Humane Society Thrift Store of Forsyth County on Saturday afternoon. Now, police are searching for the thief.

    Police said in the video, the man was walking around, pretending like he was shopping for about 10 minutes. The video shows the man grabbing the donation jar when the clerk walked away and then leaving the store. 

    "It took a sense of security away. We’re very hypervigilant now when we come in and that really makes me angry," said store manager Carol Mayhew.


    Mayhew said the thief got away with $80 in cash while staff was helping a woman take a picture off the wall. 

    "He was in the store for approximately 20-25 minutes, and he was just watching everything that our staff was doing," Mayhew said.

    Mayhew said those funds are vital for the organization. She said they donated just short of $130,000 last year.

    "It’s for food or whatever the animals at our county shelter need," Mayhew said. "Those funds help dogs that can’t be adopted for training or feeding and cats, and it’s really something that they need. They have to have this ... every little bit helps."

    Channel 2 Action News went to the Cumming Police Department. An officer said they have some strong leads but haven't made an arrest.

    Meanwhile, Mayhew said she feels sorry for they guy who stole from them.

    "Now, I just wonder, 'Do you need help, are you struggling with addiction, are you so desperate and down on your luck that you needed that help?" she said.

    After our story aired, Mayhew reached out and told us someone called in and donated $100 to the Forsyth County Humane Society.

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