Forsyth County

Farm owner looking to rebuild after fire ripped through barn, killing 26 horses

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — The owner of a local farm says after a fire killed 26 horses, she will rebuild but is not certain where.

For more than 30 years, Marcy Blue has operated Blue Spring Farm.

She told Channel 2′s Candace McCowan that it’s been a rough several weeks since she got a call about a fire in the stables last month.

“It was a bad day. I went home crying,” Blue said. “It wasn’t real, it was a nightmare. Just a burned-up barn, collapsing.”

Blue said 26 horses died when the fire ripped through the building. They may never know what started the fire.

It started sometime in the middle of the night and Forsyth County fire investigators say it was some time before anyone noticed, so there was extensive damage.

Many of the horses were boarded.

Blue said she owned six of them and said she lost members of her family that day.


“I actually treat them better than I do my family,” Blue said. “They all have a special piece of your heart.”

Fundraisers online, in stores, even a lemonade stand has raised tens of thousands of dollars.

“I did not realize there were so many nice people in the world,” Blue told McCowan.

Blue was leasing the land and stable. She wants to rebuild but said it’s not up to her.

“We will rebuild or find somewhere else to go,” Blue said.

The future is uncertain, but with a few newly purchased and donated horses she is back to teaching lessons.

“Send us some new customers to help us start up new,” Blue said.

There is a GoFundMe where they are still raising money.

Blue said she has insurance, but it will cover only part of the cost. They’re looking for another stable to call home.