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‘I’m going to kill you’: Police investigating after metro mayor has threats made against his life

MILTON, Ga. — Police are investigating death threats made against the mayor of Milton.

The threats came in the form of text messages along with a phone call threatening his life.

Mayor Peyton Jamison told Channel 2′s Bryan Mims that he doesn’t know why this is happening. He said the texts came out of the blue on the night of Sept. 3, a Sunday.

Three days later, before a council meeting at city hall, he received a phone call and more threatening text messages.

“I believe they could be a form of intimidation and threatening. That is something, I believe, that no one’s going to intimidate myself or my family because we will always do the right thing for Milton,” Jamison said.

Jamison has served as Milton’s mayor for two years and he’s the father of three children. Never, he said, has he received threats like this.

It began with texts from a number he didn’t recognize. They said: “There’s gonna be a change round here” and “There’s eyes on you n ur lil family.”

Three days later, at City Hall, he received a phone call.


“Fortunately, I had the police chief in the same room when I received that phone call and I passed the phone to the police chief, and they repeated those words to him,” Jamison said.

Those words, according to the Milton police report, were: “I’m going to kill you and everyone there.” Then the caller disconnected the phone.

A few minutes later, Jamison received more text messages saying: “Leave now. And don’t show back up in any part of Milton exposed. Georgia is going down. Especially here.”

That’s when police started investigating.

As for what sparked the threats…

“I really don’t want to speculate right now. It could be a number of things, but all I know is we will continue to work hard for the citizens of Milton and do the right thing,” Jamison said.

The mayor’s wife Megan calls it “terrifying.”

“Threatening anybody should never happen, but to threaten children, that’s just taking it to a whole other level,” Megan Jamison said.

The mayor has not received any more threats since last Wednesday. And, he says, no other city leader has received threats.

The Milton Police Department is investigating.