• Forsyth County passes new laws to stop sale of vaping items to teens under 18

    By: Lori Wilson


    FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. - New laws in one metro Atlanta county may help keep e-cigarettes and other synthetic drug paraphernalia out of the hands of children. 

    Channel 2 Action News has investigated how synthetic drugs were sending teens to the hospital, including two at a Forsyth County high school last year.

    Now, county commissioners are addressing the vaping issue by targeting convenience store owners who sell the products to underage teens right at the counter.

    "In our county, it's pretty much three strikes, you're out," Commissioner Cindy Mills told Channel 2's Lori Wilson. 

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    Many of the items sold are disguised to look like flash drives, pens or even candy, to get the attention of children. 

    Because of the legislation passed Thursday, a store could lose its liquor license if it's caught selling the synthetic drugs of paraphernalia to underage buyers. 

    Mills worked with the sheriff's department, the drug council and local principals to come up with the new ordinances. 

    The commissioner told Wilson she hopes the incentive will be enough to stop teen vaping.

    "Being able to tie it to the alcohol ordinance gave it the teeth that it needed," Mills said. 

    Stores would have to get caught selling the items to children three times before they would lose their licenses. 

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