• Ford Statement Regarding Spark Plugs


    This issue was addressed in detail by a Technical Service Bulletin we issued more than five years ago, which describes – in detail – the process for changing the plugs.  In addition to that, Ford provided a special tool to dealers to assist in the removal of the spark plugs, which is now also readily available in the aftermarket.  At this time, Ford considers this to be a routine service matter.  We know that trained mechanics employed by Ford dealers who follow the recommended procedure can and do remove the plugs with few problems.

    Regarding the class action suit:

    I can say that all routine maintenance, including spark plug replacement, requires use of proper procedures, particularly as motor vehicles become more and more sophisticated.  Most, if not all, of the problems allegedly experienced by plaintiffs in this litigation were probably caused by a failure to follow Ford’s recommended maintenance procedures.  This is something that can be determined only through case-by-case investigation and analysis, making class treatment here particularly inappropriate.

    Marcey Evans
    Ford Spokesperson

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    Ford Statement Regarding Spark Plugs

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