• Peachtree City toughens tree rules

    By: Berndt Petersen


    FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. - Cutting down a tree will cost you in Peachtree City if it’s on city-owned property.

    There will now be a fine of no less than $500, along with replacing whatever was cut down.

    While perfect yards are a big priority, the city said some people took it too far.

    "I think it's important the city hold people accountable when they go out and cut things on their own,” homeowner Bob Wentworth said. 


    The city toughened up its tree-cutting rules after some homeowners were caught removing trees from city-owned greenbelt areas.

    "You can really tell. You can see on 90 percent of the lots. You know what is their property. You can see where the greenbelt is,” arborist Aaron Capannelli said. "It's pretty clear.  Don't cut down trees that aren't yours." 

    Wentworth had a few dozen trees removed on Thursday, but all were on his property.

    For those who have crossed the line and taken down trees that were actually on city land, Wentworth approves of the city’s harder line.

    "Hopefully that will have an impact on people and be an incentive not to do it,” Wentworth said.

    A city official said the new rules take effect immediately.

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