• Father wants answers after he says bus driver slapped son


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - A DeKalb County father wants answers after he says his son was slapped by a school bus driver.
    The father said he reached out to Channel 2 Action News because his complaints about violence on the school bus were going nowhere.
    Troy Morris told Channel 2’s Carl Willis things went too far Wednesday. Now a bus driver is accused of putting his hands on students.
    "Every day I’m in fear that something is going to happen," Morris said. “And something is going to happen because the parents are now starting to get into it."
    The father of an 11-year-old and an 8-year-old at Midway Elementary School in Decatur says rowdy behavior on bus route 49 has been constant and it boiled over Wednesday.
    “A substitute bus driver slapped one of the boys and hit one of the girls also," Morris said.
    Morris said children claimed the substitute driver reacted because the students were being disruptive.
    Willis contacted DeKalb County Schools who confirmed reports of an incident Wednesday, but could only say that allegations have been made and they are being investigated.
    But Morris says he was there when the scene set off one of the children's relatives.
    "He was trying to get on the bus to get at the bus driver, but it was more kids on the bus, so me and another parent talked him down," Morris said.
    Morris said that his children have been hit by bullies and he's tried to reach out to the school district to help.
    “What I’m asking is just one person to watch these kids. I even asked to volunteer but they turned me down on that," Morris said.
    He said school officials need to step in before another incident happens.
    "No one wants their child touched, not me, not you, not anybody," Morris said.
    A school representative told Willis that the district is investigating the incident by taking witness statements.

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