• Father claims son scratched by teacher

    By: Carl Willis


    ATLANTA - A father claims his 8-year-old son was scratched and bruised by his own teacher.
    He says the boy had scratches on his face and bruises around his neck.
    "He had a claw (mark) on his face like a tiger clawed him," says Hicequon Arnold, Sr.
    The boy is a second-grader at Kimberly Elementary School.
    Arnold tells Channel 2's Carl Willis that no one seems to know how the boy received the injuries.
    "Everybody is giving me different excuses, that he pulled away or he tried to fight, but nobody could tell me what happened to his face," he says.
    According to a simple assault and battery report filed with the Atlanta Police Department, the boy was disrupting class and was in the process of being moved to a different room.
    The child says his teacher was escorting him through the halls when he pulled away from her.
    "I got away from her and then both of us fell down and then she got mad," Hicequan Arnold Jr. says. "So I tried to run away from her and then she pulled my shirt and scratched my face."
    Atlanta Public Schools issued a statement:

    "This incident is currently under investigation. Atlanta Public Schools supports safe learning environments for teachers and students, and we take complaints of employee wrongdoing very seriously. Based on preliminary statements from students and staff, the behavior and actions of the student are also being reviewed. This matter has also been referred to the Division of Family and Children Services."  

    "He's not an off-the-wall kid," says Arnold Sr.
    Willis then asked if the boy was being disruptive.
    "He probably was being disruptive," he says. "I know my kid, but he still doesn't deserve his face getting scratched like it was."
    The father says he wants answers and action.
    "If she lost it like that and scratched my baby's face like that, she doesn't deserve to be there," he says.

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