• Estranged wife: I have no mercy for Neuman


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - The estranged wife of the suspect in a high-profile shooting outside a Dunwoody day care is lashing out against her husband.

    "I have no mercy, not for him," Ariela Neuman told Channel 2’s Jodie Fleischer in an off-camera interview.

    Neuman’s husband, Hemy, has admitted to gunning down Rusty Sneiderman, his co-worker’s husband, in November 2010. He pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, but his wife called him a faker.

    "He was arrogant. He was violent. But he wasn't crazy," Neuman said.

    She said her husband abandoned the family amid major financial trouble, leaving her to fend for herself. GE Energy fired her husband the day after his arrest, cutting off all benefits for family members.

    "I will start my life from scratch. He left us nothing," Neuman said.

    The former stay-at-home mom now works three jobs to support three children in college. She said they’re about to lose their home, but she and the kids are still a tight unit.

    "We are a family. We're still together,” Neuman said. “He decided to go. It was his decision."

    Lawyers on both sides of the case claim the murder suspect was having an affair with Andrea Sneiderman, though she has denied it. Much of the trial covered the pair’s business trips together. Witnesses from across the country testified to seeing the pair behave affectionately with each other.

    "He liked to take risks all his life. He liked his heart beating fast," Neuman said.

    In separation papers obtained by Fleischer, Neuman made a long list of allegations against her husband, including that he canceled a trip with her to take Andrea Sneiderman and skipped his child’s birthday to practice shooting.

    Neuman told Fleischer her husband acted selfishly.

    "He destroyed so many families because he was only thinking about himself," she said.

    Now, she’s ready for him to pay for his alleged crime.

    "I believe in justice. He did something so bad, he has to pay for it," Neuman said.

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    Estranged wife: I have no mercy for Neuman