• Dessa Curb


    VERDICT: All counts: NOT GUILTY

    Dessa Curb is accused of leaving the answer sheets for the 2009 CRCT on a table in her classroom and instructing an aide to correct any wrong answers.

    Sanford Wallack, the attorney for former Dobbs Elementary School teacher Dessa Curb, said the unprecedented Georgia Bureau of Investigation probe that led to the criminal charges was driven by a single-minded ambition to find cheating, an ambition that he said ensnared innocent victims.

    “She’s here because of the Salem witchcraft mentality that took place during the GBI investigation,” Wallack said. He told jurors to dismiss a photograph of test booklets placed on a table in Curb’s classroom. He said they could have been left there because Curb was required to fill out information in portions of the exams.

    “No matter how many times prosecutors tell you these photos show cheating,” he said, “they don’t.”

    Dobbs Elementary teacher Dessa Curb faces one count of racketeering and two counts of false statements and writings

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