Delta surprises nine metro educators with free trips

ATLANTA — Delta and Delta Vacations surprised nine teachers from different schools within the Atlanta Public School District with free trips for summer break.

Sonja Lewis, a special education teacher at Mays High School, was extremely happy when she found out APS partnered with Delta and gave her a free, all-inclusive vacation anywhere in the U.S., the Caribbean or Mexico.

“I am so surprised, and I am so appreciative,” Lewis said.

Delta is saying thank you to teachers across the country for adapting to an ever-changing school environment and working tirelessly to connect with students virtually and in person.

Nine of those teachers from APS will receive a free flight, hotel and everything needed on vacation.


“We want to recognize people that go above and beyond, and Ms. Lewis did,” Shawn Cole, Delta’s VP of Global Sales said.

Lewis started teaching in 1978 and has been with APS since 1980. She made house calls to her students during the pandemic to make sure they stayed on track.

“I take this as a service. People always ask me, ‘Well, when you gonna retire?’ Well, I’m on assignment. That’s why I want my students to know when you find your purpose, grace, and your gifts, you’ll never work another day in your life,” Lewis said.

Lewis is taking her immediate family to Hawaii to soak up some sun this summer.