• Delta opposes TSA's pocket-knife approval on planes

    By: Ashley Swann


    ATLANTA - There is growing protest over the new plan to allow passengers to carry pocket knives on planes again.

    Delta is joining in the fight against the TSA. The Atlanta-based carrier’s CEO sent a letter to the head of the TSA saying the airline shares flight attendants' concerns that knives on planes will put them at risk.

    Channel 2’s Ashley Swann spoke with passengers at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport who said they are shocked to hear the idea is even under consideration.

    “Very surprised, extremely surprised,” Drew Paller told Swann. "I don't want to sit next to someone who can just pull out a knife on a plane. It just doesn't make me feel safe."

    The roar of protest is growing louder. In a letter obtained by Channel 2 Action News, Delta’s CEO says the airline shares the "legitimate concerns" that were first raised by flight attendants who believe allowing knives will put them at risk.

    “We're not going to stand for that,” Sara Nelson of the Association of Flight Attendants said. “The TSA was created because there were blades in the cabin."

    Opponents have created an online petition drive to send a message to the man who heads the TSA.  Agency head John Pistole says allowing small knives will allow his officers to concentrate on explosive devices, especially liquid explosives.

    Local flyers, like Drew Paller, applaud Delta's CEO for speaking out against the idea and say they hope it doesn't happen.

    “It would definitely make me want to fly Delta more than any other airline for sure,” Paller told Swann.

    "Pocket knives...that shouldn't be allowed,” Lee Yee said. “I don't think so."

    In the letter, Delta's CEO says allowing the knives back on board would add little value, in the airline's opinion, to the security flow in relation to the additional risk it would create for cabin crew and passengers.

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