Steakhouse passes re-inspection after failing two previous times

The popular steak and seafood restaurant failed with a 21, the lowest grade Channel 2's Carol Sbarge has ever seen.

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — UPDATE: Arizona's passed its third inspection with a score of 91 and reopened August 17.


When we reported this week that a restaurant only got a 21 on a health inspection, we went to the DeKalb County Health Department to ask how they handle such a low score.

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The restaurant in question is Arizona's on Stonecrest Circle.

Arizona's is a popular steak and seafood restaurant near Stonecrest Mall. It failed with a score of 21 on Tuesday. Then, on the reinspection the very next day, it got another failing score of 46. Now the restaurant is preparing for a third inspection.

When Channel 2's Carol Sbarge went to Arizona's midday Friday, it still had not reopened.

Signs on the doors read, "We apologize we are closed for the evening."
The restaurant has remained closed while the staff replaces coolers that were not keeping food cold enough.


The DeKalb County Health Department says the restaurant's new meat cooler it just purchased has to keep a low enough temperature for Arizona's to reopen. Crews are working on having it set correctly to pass the next reinspection which is expected to happen Saturday.

Dr. Sandra Ford, the district health director of DeKalb County says the health department is not in the business of shutting down operations. She says what they are doing is insuring the safety of the food that the community eats.

The owners of Arizona's didn't want to go on camera but in a statement wrote, "We are appalled at the results of the inspection issued. We are not only employees and owners of Arizona's Restaurant, but we also live in the community and our families and friends dine here."
Arizona's marketing strategist says they are taking the health issues very seriously and will implement more training and food safety measures.

The health department says the restaurant had to present a corrective action plan on how it was going to fix all the violations. Ford says the Health Department wants to make sure the staff is properly trained on how to keep the food safe, including proper refrigeration.

Also, she says training focuses on food storage, proper handling of food and making sure food handlers' hair is held back.

Arizona's says they are making sure they're in compliance with the Department of Public Health by the next inspection. We'll let you know how they do.