• Giant sinkhole on the verge of swallowing local business

    By: Alyssa Hyman


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Channel 2 Action News is getting answers after one of our viewers emailed us about a massive sinkhole getting dangerously close to Lawrenceville Highway in Tucker.

    We flew NewsDrone 2 above the sinkhole to show how deep and large it is.

    James Fischer, the owner of the neighboring property, told Channel 2’s Alyssa Hyman that the hole is starting to damage his property, but his biggest concern right now is public safety.

    “That's going to be disastrous. I would think two MARTA buses would go in there right now easily and they ride right through there every day,” Fischer said. "It's grown a lot just in the last six months."


    Fischer said there was a drainage pipe down the sinkhole, but it has since corroded away.

    The only problem is, the other end of it is on his property.

    "I'm worried about it continuing and getting worse and me having a sinkhole because of my pipe being damaged," Fischer said.

    Hyman used a property appraiser's website to find out who owns the property and tried several times to contact the owner.

    DeKalb County Fire Rescue has signs up saying it's an unsafe structure, but the county said it's a private issue.

    The city of Tucker said its only involvement has been to make sure a safety fence was put up.

    “It’s ridiculous. Anybody and everybody I’ve talked to. I’m not really going to point the finger at any particular group, but it doesn't matter who you talk to, you don't get a response. Y’all are really the first people to really recognize it to me,” Fischer said.

    Tucker Tire used to be located near where the hole is currently opening, and company representatives said they moved to another location because of the hole.

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