• Coweta County residents will soon have to pay for something that used to be free

    By: Jim Strickland


    COWETA COUNTY, Ga. - Residents in Coweta County will soon have to pay for a service that the county's first responders previously provided for free.

    Patients who get transported by ambulance pay a fee on a sliding scale based on the medical care they require.

    Those treated on the scene -- but who avoided an ambulance ride -- also avoided the bill.

    That changes Jan. 1.

    "We're looking to offset some of the costs that we generate when we respond to calls where we actually treat a patient," said Fire Chief Pat Wilson.


    Wilson said a flat fee of $200 will be charged to patients who use an ambulance's supplies and higher-end equipment.

    Simply assessing a patient and taking vitals will not prompt a charge.

    "I don't want anyone to think they shouldn't call. You feel like you're in trouble, you call 911," Wilson said.

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