• Condition of Stone Mountain High School draws complaints


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Students at Stone Mountain High School say their building is falling apart and they have outdated textbooks.
    “It hurts my heart to see our school deteriorating like this,” Stone Mountain High junior Rayven Chism said.
    When Channel 2’s Tyisha Fernandes spoke to school officials about the problems with the building, including its broken toilets, and the outdated textbooks students use, they told her the school is about 60 years old and needs renovations.
    “Earlier this week we had an ambassador come and the ceiling was leaking in our auditorium. That’s completely embarrassing,” Chism said.
    She says the track team can’t even use its own track because it’s so run down, and the textbooks need to be replaced.
    “With me being an AP student, outdated textbooks are really hindering us from learning,” Chism said.
    Several students say they complain to administrators to no avail.
    We went straight to Joshua Williams, the chief of operations officer for DeKalb County schools.
    He says the district in the process of fixing these problems.
    “There’s $6.6 million worth of renovations slated for Stone Mountain High School. Voters approved this in 2011. A lot of that includes renovations of the restrooms, track replacements, athletic field improvements, areas in the cafeteria and other areas throughout the building that are actually being renovated and improved now,” Williams said.

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