• Aimee Copeland: "I felt you guys with me every step of the way"

    By: Amy Napier Viteri


    SNELLVILLE, Ga. - For the first time, Aimee Copeland got a chance to thank the Snellville community that supported her throughout her recovery from a flesh eating bacteria Friday night.

    Channel 2's Amy Napier Viteri talked with Copeland about the challenges she faced and what she's looking forward to now.

    Hundreds of people gathered on the Snellville town green to get a chance to see Copeland for the first time since she returned home from rehabilitation.

    Friday was also Aimee's first opportunity to say thank you in person to the community she credits with playing a large part in her recovery.

    A smiling Copeland entered Snellville City Hall to applause. She thanked the city and residents for their generosity throughout her recovery.

    "I felt you guys with me every step of the way with all of your thoughts and prayers so I just can't say thank you enough," Copeland said.

    She also opened up about challenges she's facing. She said she doesn't necessarily have bad days-but there are tough moments. There's also pain-from phantom limbs and damaged nerves.

    "That's really difficult because it's not something that's lasting it's just something that comes in sharp little spasms. And so that's really the hardest thing to deal with," Copeland said.

    But she focuses more on her triumphs, like the first time she was able to stand after losing her hands, feet and a leg.

    "It was the most incredible feeling I don't think I can top that," Copeland said.

    On the town green, Copeland got a chance to talk with those who have been following her recovery. Like Karen Belton, a triple amputee lost her limbs to vascular disease 20 years ago.

    She thinks Copeland's story and positive thinking will help others.

    "If you think I'm going to be able to do this it's really hard but I'm going to work through it we're going to make this happen, then I truly believe you will," Belton said.

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    Aimee Copeland: "I felt you guys with me every step of the way"