• Color Run leaves some upset

    By: Carl Willis


    ATLANTA - More than 10,000 people participated in a unique 5k race around Atlanta's Piedmont Park.

    Organizers of The Color Run said it was a success, but some neighbors said they were not pleased with the mess that was left on the streets and cars immediately after the event.

    Vivid dust clouds and streets covered in bright colored powder could be seen all around Piedmont Park Saturday.

    "I didn't think anything of it until 20 minutes later and I tried to wash it and it wouldn't come off," Will James said.

    His brand new, all white SUV was stained from bumper to bumper with purple spots.

    He said it was due to the remnants from color explosions that make The Color Run unique.

    Runners start the race wearing all white. As they progress through the race they pass through "Color Kilometer Zones," where they are dusted with brightly colored concoctions of cornstarch and food coloring.

    The result was pink, purple, green and yellow hazes on theroadways and streets covered with the mixture.

    "It was the perfect storm," James said. "My car was already wet."

    Race organizers said they would pay for James to get his new paint buffed out.

    "You might think there's 100 other cars out there with the same problem," James said.

    Organizers said they did the same for several others who called them to complain.

    "The last thing that we want is for anyone to feel negative about the event at all, and so that's why we reached out to anyone who has any questions," said organizer Travis Snyder.

    Snyder said the 5k contracted 40 workers to clean up the colorful dust.

    They swept up and pressure washed parts of Piedmont Avenue Saturday night.

    He said those affected should contact the organization.

    "It's never happened before and we'll rectify the situation," Snyder said.

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