• Slow down! Neighbors complain drivers are going double the speed limit

    By: Wendy Corona


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Neighbors say something has to be done to stop speeders from zooming through their neighborhood, putting them and their children at risk. 

    Channel 2's Wendy Corona spoke to a man who has lived for more than three decades along Memorial Parkway in Kennesaw who said drivers are going 50 mph on his street. The speed limit is 25 mph.

    Roger Wilson wants people who drive on Memorial Parkway in Kennesaw to remember where they are.

    "It's a neighborhood. It's not a highway," Wilson said. "25 mph is the speed limit on this street."

    It is a residential street just shy of a mile long."It's up and down hills and once you open it up, there's no stopping you," Wilson said.


    Loring Road is just down the hill behind the area and up a hill nearby is Jim Owens Road.

    Neighbors say until they can work with the county to figure out how to slow down the speeders, they are going to put out signs trying to slow people down on their own.

    "You'll get them as high as 50 to 60 mph. I've even seen school buses out here doing that," Wilson said.
    There are not any sidewalks either. 

    Cobb County police did install a speed reader near Jim Owens Road. 

    When Wilson took to the NextDoor app to address the problem with neighbors, he received overwhelming support.

    "I'm just trying to maintain the safety of our neighborhood," he said. 

    Wilson's grassroots safety effort has moved into another phase with the Cobb County Department of Transportation.

    They are in the official process of working up a speed hump study and that's going to be happening in the fall, he said. 

    Until then, Wilson wants to remind drivers to think about the safety of others.

    "It's inconsiderate when people are flying down that fast on a street like this," he said. 

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