Cobb County

Sex offender accused of installing hidden cameras inside Cobb home rented by college student

ATLANTA — A convicted sex offender is accused of installing hidden cameras in several rooms of a rental property in Cobb County. The victim spoke exclusively to Channel 2 Cobb County Bureau Chief Michele Newell.

The victim, who asked not to be identified, said that she had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right.

“What were you thinking when you saw the camera?” Newell asked.

“I was in shock because I couldn’t believe it,” the victim said.


The victim was initially living in a bedroom in the upper level of the home, but decided to move into the basement. Prior to her move, the landlord said a maintenance man need to do some work on the basement.

When she moved into the basement, it appeared the landlord fixed only one thing.

“I noticed the outlet wasn’t on quite right.”

That’s when she found the camera and another one hidden behind an outlet in her first bedroom, a camera lens in the upper left socket.

“I think about it a lot, about my privacy being invaded.”

Police said the home was rented to the victim by William Randall Bryan. The victim learned about his past after police searched the home and found the cameras in five different rooms.

“I would not have rented from someone that is a convicted sex offender,” the victim said. “He wasn’t using his first and last name, so there was no way of looking him up. He was just using his middle name Randy.”

The college student said she was living with and paying rent to Paula Sponsel, who police say conspired with Bryan to invade the privacy of tenants. Police say she can be seen on camera finishing the setup process after the cameras were installed.

When Newell went to the house, Sponsel only spoke to Newell through her Ring camera and said she would not comment.

The victim told Newell she is in a much better living situation now, but she had this warning for others.

“Always trust your gut because I was a little worried originally and then I didn’t trust my gut. And low and behold, I ended up being right.”

It is unclear if there are other victims or how long the cameras were inside the home. There is a warrant out for Bryan’s arrest.

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