Cobb County

2 arrested after mother with young children robbed in Kroger parking lot

COBB COUNTY — A mother told police she feared for her life and the safety of her two young children when a group of robbers demanded her purse in a busy Kroger parking lot in Cobb County.

Channel 2's Cobb County Bureau Chief Chris Jose was in Mableton, where police said the group stole the mother's credit card and used it to eat at a nearby Waffle House shortly after they robbed the family. They also stole her purse and car keys, police said.

Police arrested two men, Robert White and Daquarius Hixon, but are still searching for two other people they say were involved. They say the group was in stolen car with a fake license plate.

According to the arrest warrants, one of the robbers demanded the mother give them everything she had. Police said the victim was crying and shaking because she only had $10 in cash along with her debit cards.

The group of robbers then went to the nearby Waffle House and used the victim’s debit card to pump gas, police said. Jose talked to a Waffle House employee who said the men were eating casually at the restaurant as if nothing had happened.

Jose talked to shoppers at the Floyd Road store, who were surprised about the brazen theft.

"People who have no morals. People who could care less. That's just unbelievable," Willie Clark said. "It makes it a dangerous place to be."

White and Hixon were charged with robbery and fraud, among other charges. Court documents show police have not yet identified two other suspects who are still on the run.

Jose talked to shopper Daneisha Lomax, who said she would have done the same thing as the victim.

"I would be totally shocked. Of course, I would've given everything up," Lomax said. "Don't put my kids' lives at risk."

Clark just hopes they get caught.

“What needs to happen is, when they catch them, they need to give them enough time to make them think that what they’re doing is wrong,” Clark said.