Family of teen killed by police meets with district attorney; doubles down on Cobb police chief

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — The family of a teenager killed by police near Six Flags doubled down on Tuesday and called for the immediate termination of the officer who pulled the trigger.

“He needs to be terminated immediately. We’re hopeful after the case is turned over to the (Cobb County) district attorney, charges will be coming,” said attorney Gerald Griggs.

Channel 2 Cobb County bureau chief Chris Jose spoke with Griggs and the Truitt family exclusively after they met with Cobb County district attorney Joyette Holmes.

A Cobb police officer—who has not been publicly named yet—shot Vincent Truitt, 17, on July 13th.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said Truitt brandished a handgun after police chased him and two other teens in a stolen car on Riverside Parkway.

Over the last two weeks, Truitt’s family demanded to see video of the deadly police shooting.

They had hoped the district attorney would show it to them on Tuesday.

“Today, you did not see the tape?” asked Jose.

“We didn’t see the tape. We have certain guarantees that we will be able to see the tape, but my concern is that other people in the county have seen the tape so it’s time for the family to see the tape,” said Griggs. “Hopefully we get a chance to see the video very, very soon. The family got to voice their concerns about this case in the fact that justice seems to be moving a little slow.”


In a phone interview on October 1st, Jose asked police chief Tim Cox, “why not release the video?”

Cox told Jose he wants the GBI to turn over its finding to the district attorney

“The police chief, Tim Cox, has not reached to the family?” asked Jose.

“Absolutely not. We’ve only seen him on your newscast. We know he’s back from vacation so it’s time for him to meet with this family,” said Griggs.

Following a private meeting with GBI director Vic Reynolds this month, Griggs revealed Truitt never brandished or pointed gun. He said the officer shot the teen twice in the back as he ran away.

The Cobb County medical examiner ruled Truitt’s death a homicide. There are five causes of death ranging from accident to suicide to homicide, and legal experts say any death caused by another person is typically classified as homicide.

Cox told Jose the officer who shot Truitt remains on the force.

“Yes, we still feel the officer needs to be fired. There’s no justification for shooting a person in the back, twice, when they were not a threat to you,” said Griggs.

Jose asked the district attorney’s office for a statement. Holmes did not provide one on Tuesday.

A Cobb County police spokesperson never responded to Jose’s inquiry about the officer and an internal affairs investigation.

A GBI spokesperson said the agency won’t release the video because the case is under investigation.