Amendments and resolutions on Georgia ballot: What do they mean?

Georgia voters have the chance to weigh in on two proposed constitutional amendments, along with a statewide referendum. We’re going to walk you through what they mean and what a “YES” or “NO” vote means for each.

Amendment 1

“Authorizes dedication of fees and taxes to their intended purposed by general state law.”

This amendment would make it easier for Georgia lawmakers to make sure the money from special fees is used for its intended purposes. For example, there is a fee charged for every new tire sold. That money is supposed to be used to clean up illegal dumps. But sometimes it’s used for other things.

A “YES” vote would authorize lawmakers to have more control over how special fee money is spent.

Amendment 2

“Waives state and local sovereign immunity for violation of state laws, state and federal constitutions.”

This amendment would make it easier for people to sue governments for violating the constitution. In 2017, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that citizens cannot sue state or local governments over unconstitutional laws without the government’s permission.

A “YES” vote would restore citizens' rights to sue to overturn unconstitutional laws.

State referendum

“Establishes a tax exemption for certain real property owned by charities.”

This referendum would exempt charities from property taxes for land used for the purpose of building or repairing single-family homes. This is aimed at providing a tax break to charities such as Habitat for Humanity.

A “YES” vote would authorize that tax exemption for the charities. Once the property is sold to someone else, it would be taxed.

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