Experts anticipate big increase in online shopping as stores already offering big deals

Experts anticipate big increase in online shopping as stores already offering big deals

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — You don’t have to wait until Black Friday to find good deals this year.

Many stores are offering good deals online — right now.

With all the online sales, stores like Walmart want to make sure your packages arrive on time during this holiday season that’s like no other.

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“Well, we looked to get some good, early Christmas gifts and some clothes and whatever good bargains we could get,” shopper Rick Kaht said.

Black Friday shopping has become a tradition in his family. Even in the midst of a pandemic, Kaht told Channel 2′s Justin Wilfon that he wanted to do his holiday shopping the old-fashioned way.

“Well, it’s one of the few things my wife and I can do together. And it was just a nice afternoon to do it. When the rain hit, it was something to do, so we came on up,” Kaht said.

He told Wilfon that he found plenty of good deals at the Kohl’s store in east Cobb County.

Kohl’s is one of many retailers offering big discounts to lure shoppers off their computers and into stores.

“We saved anywhere from 50%, 30%,” Kaht said.


But the National Retail Federation expects more Americans to shop online this holiday season than ever before, with a predicted 20% to 30% increase over last year.

It’s a number that could strain the supply chain and already overburdened retail shipping systems.

So many stores are offering the best deals right now to give themselves more time to get the products to you.

Experts say to shop wisely.

“2020 is the year of the Smart Shopper. That doesn’t mean you’re just going online — that you’re taking a moment to be strategic about what you’re buying, what you’re paying for it, where you’re buying it from and when you want it,” said Connie Guglielmo, editor-in-chief of technology news organization CNET.

Kaht said he’ll do plenty of shopping online too while still finding time for tradition.

“I enjoy trying stuff on and just looking at stuff and just being able handle stuff and seeing people. Just had a great time today,” Kaht said.

Walmart, Kohls, Best Buy and Target are currently offering big online sales.

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