Sen. Kelly Loeffler says she’ll fight to get COVID-19 relief to Georgia families

Sen. Kelly Loeffler says she’ll fight to get COVID-19 relief to Georgia families

DULTUH, Ga — The holidays have not slowed down for four Georgia Senate candidates headed into two runoff races in January.

Channel 2′s Dave Huddleston was in Duluth, where he caught up with Senator Kelly Loeffler.

Loeffler was working with volunteers at the Duluth Co-op to hand out food and household supplies to those in need ahead of the holiday.

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Loeffler recently self-isolated after testing positive for COVID-19. She’s since tested negative.

“I feel great,” Loeffler said. “I’ve had two negative tests, so I’ve rolled up the sleeves and gone back to work.”

Loeffler said it’s important to help out, especially this time of year.

“It’s important that we help one another, but we also help people get back to work,” Loeffler told Huddleston. “We have to preserve their jobs, because that’s their opportunity. The way to climb the ladder.”

Loeffler told Huddleston that getting another COVID relief package to Georgia families is one of her top priorities.

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“I’m going to be pushing for it, because it’s things like schools, money for schools to re-open, money for small businesses, but also for child care,” Loeffler said. “Parents can’t get back to work if they don’t have that child care option, so I want to make sure that’s there.”

Volunteers told Huddleston that the need has increased 340% since the pandemic began. The executive director of the co-op said that in a normal year, they had 12 visitors a day. Now it’s over 50 families a day who need help.

Loeffler said that’s why she wants voters to send her back to Washington, to help working families like the ones who visit the co-op.

“my heart goes out to those impacted by the virus, by the economic fallout from it,” Loeffler said. “And that’s why I think it is so important that we in Washington deliver targeted relief.”

Huddleston reached out to talk to Loeffler’s challenger, Rev. Raphael Warnock. He was not available Wednesday, but he will join Hosea Helps to feed families Friday. Channel 2 Action News will have a reporter there, so you can hear from both candidates.

Warnock joins Channel 2 to discuss runoff with Loeffler